Minnesota Acupuncturist Reviews & Testimonials

Rick C.

I am what many would consider a Road Warrior where I call home in So. Cal. I spend my weeks traveling on multiple airlines and hotels. The travel often leaves me tired and with a variety of ailments. I met Katie, on a whim to try Acupuncture to alleviate, knee, hip, back and other issues. Katie, is warm, caring and listens. Her attentive nature searches for root cause. I have seen Katie about 10 times and I always walk away feeling better. She has gone out of her way to accommodate my travel schedules and when I need a boost she has sent me some of her special teas even by mail. Thanks Katie hope to see you soon.

Jim M.

I had prostrate surgery 4 years ago and had more side effects than I thought and was resigned to spending the rest of my life with these problems. I discovered Kate on line and the Men’s Health issues she could help with and although skeptical I was willing to try anything. From the first visit she put me at ease talking about issues that are hard for men to talk about and miraculously some of my problems have been substantially improved. Along the way she has helped me with other issues and have become a believer in how acupuncture can help your body heal itself. Her sincerity, ability to put you at ease and willingness to go the extra mile makes her a special health care provider. Also feel like she has become a very good friend.

Juliana M.

Katie introduced me to Acupuncture 5 years ago when I have tried everything for severe pain in my knees. I was a little desperate because I didn’t know what else to do since physical therapy and pain medication wasn’t a long term solution. Ever since Katie treated me, I have used Acupuncture to treat different medical issues such as migraines, sciatic nerve pain and a herniated disk. Katie has the ability to understand my concerns and I really feel the difference after each session.

Ben A.

I have been seeing Kate for around one year now, and I can say that it has been a great experience. Not only has she been able to help me with the pain in my knees that comes from running but also she has been able to help me deal with some of the stress related conditions that come with being a graduate student. As well Kate is a very accommodating practitioner who has been willing to work with both my school and work schedule and also commuting from Albany. I would definitely recommend Kate to anyone who is looking for an effective way to manage any issues they have with pain or stress in their lives.

Acupuncture for Callie

Last year I shattered my heel and had to have surgery. I was able to start walking again after my recovery, but I was limping a lot and each step I took was painful. After about a month, I went to Katie for a treatment. I immediately felt my foot relaxing and releasing whatever it was that needed to get out of there! After just 3 treatments (once a week), I wasn’t limping anymore and my range of motion had improved greatly. I used to think that acupuncture was scary and weird (I don’t even like getting shots at the doctor- I close my eyes and look away!), but then I saw the needles and realized that they are TINY, and they don’t hurt. Katie was awesome at telling me exactly what she was doing so that nothing was a surprise and there was no stress or fear. It was worth getting over my preconceived notions, and Katie has earned a patient for life!

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